11 Plus Assessment For Year 5 (2024-2025)


We provide Birmingham 11+ Tuition for children in Year 5. Book an 11+ assessment today to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and see how we can help your child to prepare for their 11 Plus.

After booking we will contact you to arrange a date and time for the assessment.

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Our 11+ Assessment is designed for children who are considering a course of 11+ preparation, or are already receiving tuition and want an independent opinion of their child’s level in relation to what is required for the grammar school entrance exams in the Birmingham area.

When we conduct an 11 plus assessment we are examining current ability as well as potential to improve to eleven plus entry level. At Birmingham 11 Plus Tuition we understand that the levels of various students will often be varied due to a wide variety of external factors. For this reason it is important to look beyond the surface to uncover the true potential of each child who receives an assessment.

11+ Assessment Procedure

1. This assessment is for children who are currrently in Year 4. If your child is in a different year please book an assessment for the appropriate year.

2. After ordering we will call you to arrange a date and time for the 11 plus assessment.

3. Following the assessment you will be contacted to discuss the findings of the assessment and we will suggest a possible course of eleven plus tuition, if appropriate, based upon what would be needed to offer a good chance for success in the exams.

4. All assessments take place at the Apollo Hotel, Hagley Rd, Edgbaston,B16 9RA.


11 + Tuition Courses

Our 11 Plus Tuition Courses are designed to help your child to accelerate their learning. We focus on developing a strong 11+ foundation by working on several key areas that your child will need to be strong in to gain a place at grammar school.

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