Key Features

  • Each session is led by an experienced 11 Plus tutor.
  • Children should have pens/pencils and paper to answer questions.
  • All children will have the opportunity to interact and respond to questions.
  • Give your child’s 11 Plus preparation a boost.

Starting Date

Our 11 Plus Summer Course for children in Year 5 will start from Monday 20th July 2020. The schedule can be viewed below. The virtual classroom is designed to facilitate effective learning. All classes are structured and children will be asked to interact throughout each session that they attend.  

What Is Needed?

You will need the following:

  • A desktop/laptop computer running either the Google Chrome or Firefox Browser.
  • We recommend a microphone.
  • Speakers or headphones. (we recommend headphones as these improve focus and avoid audio feedback issues)

Step 1

Book a Session or Package of sessions.

  • Each week of the Summer Course costs £150 (£25 per hour).
  • All 4 Summer Courses can be purchased for £480 (£20 per hour).
  • Bookings must be made at least 24 hours before the chosen courses.

Step 2

We will verify your booking within 24 hours.

We will then send you a direct link with login details.

You can join the Virtual Classroom 15 minutes before your session begins.  

Step 3

You should login to the Virtual Classroom 15 minutes before the session begins.

After you login you can enter the Virtual Classroom. You should wait in the Virtual Classroom for the session to begin at 6pm each day.  

Step 4 

When you have entered the classroom you should wait for the lesson to begin. 

Your microphone will be muted. You should keep it muted unless instructed to activate it to answer a question. We do not allow children to use webcams during group sessions.